Beacon Tees is dedicated to promoting suicide and mental health awareness. Our goal is to not only provide inspiring and uplifting graphic tees but start a MOVEMENT. 10% of business proceeds are donated monthly to causes that work to raise mental health awareness, prevent suicide, and save lives. 

When someone wears a Beacon Tees shirt, everyone they walk by has a chance to notice the message on that shirt. That shirt could have a word, image, or statement that sparks a positive thought or a conversation. That shirt could be sharing the exact message someone passing by on the sidewalk needs to hear (or read). That shirt's message could be the sign someone is looking for or the answer to a passerby's questions: Does my life matter? Should I stay? Is there any good left to see in the world?

Many of us have lost loved ones to suicide and have watched family members live in grief and pain. This is why you'll see a lot of our designs feature front and center the words we wish we could tell everyone, every day: You should stay.  

Beacon Tees' focus is to break the stigma on mental health and suicide and to help start life-changing and maybe even life-saving conversations. We hope our shirts will help the people who wear them to be beacons to those in need.

For now, Beacon Tees is a one-woman show. This means I'm handling customer service, marketing, design, and all the rest. I appreciate your support, faith in this dream, and desire to be a beacon.

— From the owner, Karen 

Beacon Tees Meet The Owner