S.Y.S. Series: Rachael Jones - Your Story's Just Begun

Introducing our Suicide Prevention Week: "Share Your Story" series
Every day for Suicide Prevention Week 2020, we will share inspiring true stories from suicide survivors, grieving family members and mental health advocates. Our goal is to encourage others to share their stories, reach out for help, or be a beacon to those in the dark.
(Trigger warning: descriptions of suicide, death, self harm or grief)


YOU SHOULD STAY… This week is suicide prevention week.
One of the most vivid memories I have is seeing my brother come seconds to ending his life. This wasn’t the first time I watched him try to take his life, but it was the time he got the closest. I heard my dad screaming from across the house, my mom and I ran to his side finding him struggling to unwrap the string from around my brothers neck. I ran screaming over to my grandparents house telling them to call the paramedics. The next time I saw my brother was laying on a Gurney, bruises on his neck and his face didn’t fully have color back to it. I thought my brother was dead.. The paramedic said if he was hanging there a few minutes longer he would have been successful in his suicide attempt.
We grew up in an amazing home, with a loving family. 10 years ago I survived my own suicide attempt. As a kid, with all these hormones, you feel like every thing in life is the end of the world. I honestly can’t tell you what was going through my head when I took an entire bottle of pills, other than I felt alone. It’s easier on the outside asking yourself why someone would feel the need to take their own life, but sometimes its just an internal battle with depression, self hatred, or fear the unknown.
If I had been successful that day:
  • I would not have traveled the world to over 15 countries.
  • I would not have experienced what the world had to offer, the world is a beautiful place.
  •  I would not be able to meet my nieces and nephews, see my brothers and sisters get married.
  • I would not have built a 6 figure business that I LOVE
  •  I would not have married my best friend,  and lived a life that I truly cherish.
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My husband and  I just celebrated the most beautiful day of our lives one month ago, our wedding day, that my brother officiated. That never would have happened if I was successful in my attempts.
Your story isn’t over, it’s just begun.
I have gone through therapist after therapist working through traumas in my life, emotionally abusive boyfriends, being left on my wedding day (past relationship), depression, anxiety, suicide attempts.
I have found that therapy doesn’t necessarily need to be a live person, your therapy can be working out, talking with a mentor, or personal development. 
While I was wedding planning this last year everything was so heavy, I lost my idea of the perfect wedding completely drama-free. The truth was I struggled... there were times I told Colby I couldn’t take the weight anymore. But my willingness to live was greater than my desire to escape. When you truly see how beautiful the world is, your struggles seem smaller and bearable.
The more you open up to people you trust the more healing you will gain. Don’t be ashamed of feeling helpless, find your hope in the people you trust.
CHECK-IN WITH YOUR LOVED ONES because there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you deserve to have the beautiful life awaiting you!
I am grateful for my life, thankful that my attempt was not successful. If you are struggling with depression, you are not alone! I hope my story helps inspire others to see that there is MORE, and when life is hard, know YOU ARE LOVED.
For September Beacon Tees' is highlighting three organizations specifically designed to help with teen suicide prevention and awareness.
With Rachael's attempt at a young age and her brother's near death experience, she'd love to encourage you to support these causes. 


Rachael and her husband Colby share a photography business together @uriel_photography where they stand for love, inclusiveness and kindness. 

--Follow Rachael on Instagram @saltlake_pineapple_juice 


  • I am glad you were not successful that day. You have so much left in life to enjoy and do.

    Paula Gillespie
  • The world can be a beautiful place. I know for me my wife and dogs help me live life to the fullest.

    Daniel Scott
  • Teenagers do experience things much more intensely than at other times in life. Love is also an emotion that can be very hard to contain. They just FEEL more. Us adults should be more aware of this not just with depression but with love as well.

    Mindi Eden
  • You illustrate the idea that every life has purpose

    Melissa Fletcher
  • Absolutely beautiful story

    Angelina trudeau

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