Beacon Tees' Mental Health Blog

  • S.Y.S Series: Joy Jordan - From Trauma to Motherhood

    I had been to many therapists for my anxiety and depression. I always had a difficult time feeling comfortable enough to open up about why I was feeling the way I did. I didn’t even really know. How do I explain what I don’t understand? 
  • S.Y.S. Series: Camille Lowman - The Yellow Project

    Even just 15 years ago, there weren’t enough resources or support for parents to help their children struggling with mental health issues, so when I started showing signs of depression and disordered eating, my parents didn’t know what to do. I felt very alone with my struggles and began to repress my feelings, which became detrimental to my physical health.
  • S.Y.S. Series: Lisa Dove - "Grief Work"

    We need to tell our stories, hoping a life can be saved. I like the mantra: ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’ I wish I had said that to Justin every night. In that sentence there is a spark of hope. Tomorrow is a new day and we want to see our loved ones every tomorrow.
  • S.Y.S. Series: Justin Brien - Suffering In Silence

    My name is Justin Brien and I am a mental health advocate, inspirational speaker and a certified life coach and I am also much more than just that. I am living proof that with enough hard work, belief in yourself and finding your why that you can push through any roadblock in your life including depression and suicidality.
  • S.Y.S. Series: Rachael Jones - Your Story's Just Begun

    We grew up in an amazing home, with a loving family. 10 years ago I survived my own suicide attempt. As a kid, with all these hormones, you feel like every thing in life is the end of the world.
  • S.Y.S. Series: Sedne Sibley - Breaking Generational Curses

    To sum up my childhood, I grew up in dysfunction and organized chaos. I never had an example of anything "healthy", only things I knew I didn't want to do and didn't want to become. There was love, but it was never healthy. I didn't even know what real love felt like, but I knew  this wasn't it.
  • S.Y.S. Series: Misha'el Elie - Losing a Son

    I often ask myself why did I get chosen to be the last person from the family to see him alive, why did I become the person to search for him after receiving such a concerning phone call, why was I chosen to be the first to arrive on the scene, the first to identify him and the first to receive confirmation that he has passed on?